Psyko Carbon

Psyko Carbon™ is the premium 5.1 PC gaming headset, delivering the most precise directional audio soundscape available.  Unlike other gaming headsets that simulate surround sound, the Carbon's use front and rear waveguides to channel sound over the front and back of both ears. It works the same way as a 5.1 home theatre system, naturally. This personal home theatre is the secret to giving away your opponent's position with killer accuracy.

  • Five individual speakers in the bridge of the headset to recreate the perfect room
  • Precision waveguides drive the sound to both ears for instant positional awareness
  • New high performance speakers deliver enhanced audio performance
  • Psyko Amp with fully adjustable bass, volume control, and 5 LED visual direction indicator
  • Pivot-open ear cups keep your ears cool during extended play and hear others
  • Removable Mic – out of the way, but there when you need it
  • Tough braided Cable - tangle free and more durable.
  • Gold plated connectors

Psyko Amplifier - every Carbon system comes fully equipped with a Psyko Amp, used to power the headset and drive the sound from the top of the headband and into your ears.
 Side Vents - pivot open the ear cups to keep your ears cool and lets you hear others without removing the headset, pivot them closed to block outside sounds. Carbon is equipped with gold plated connectors and a tangle free braided cable.